Or as I like to call it, the onset of Instagram fatigue.

(PS. The views expressed here are personal.)

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

I’m tired.

Not physically, but mentally most of the times. Blame it on the pandemic. Blame it on personal situations. And blame it on myself for the mindless scrolling and the need to post something on social media whenever I’m take a break from work. It’s just getting exhausting.

Back when I got onto social media years and years ago (for me social media is now just Instagram), I had no idea it was going to lead to a situation where I was absolutely tired of the platform. Instagram was absolutely fun in…

Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t extremely productive during this period. No one is going to point fingers at you.

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

You see it everywhere these days. The Internet is full of it. Workout videos, the sudden surge in everyone’s culinary skills, art and painting classes, people taking tonnes of courses to up skill themselves and getting loads of work done etc. And then there is you. Lounging in your pajamas, binge watching TV shows, eating whatever is near you, sleeping as much as you can and just generally chilling the hell out. Nope, I am not calling you out. I’m actually here to tell you that it’s all okay.

Why, you might ask? Because different people cope with something so…

And not feel like a jerk after saying so.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

As I write this, I am buried under a ton of work. Professional commitments, freelance projects, hobbies and life issues; it’s all happening at the same time and it’s almost (read: almost) driving me insane. The hunger and excitement to work on as many projects as possible is exciting and challenging; but that very hunger is, again, almost leading me to a burn out. Let me tell you why.

In between all the exciting projects that I am working on, another fun project came up. Content writing for a stationery brand…

A collection of images highlighting all the experiments I do.

This is something I have wanted to write since quite some time. It’s almost like a personal account of how I grew (and continue to grow) with my art after observing plenty of artists, designers, calligraphers, illustrators and the many creatives on the platform. It’s a rather quick peek of how one can survive the world of Instagram even if a lot of them are doing the same thing.

I joined Instagram in 2014. A few friends noticed my work and suggested to share it there. I had no clue how the damn thing worked but I took the plunge…

Swathi Kirthyvasan

Trying to juggle between designing experiences and interfaces, writing, experimenting with art and living life.

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